Migun Therapy

The Migun Physiotherapy Table provides targeted acupressure, far infrared heat therapy and mechanical massage treatment along the autonomic nerve lines on each side of the spine, as well as up and down both legs. Two sets of patented jade probes massage the muscles along the sides of the spine, as well as up and down both legs for a relaxing, stress relieving enjoyable treatment.

Massage: Gently and slowly stretches and flexes the muscles and spine, helps the muscles relax, increases circulation.

Far Infrared Heat: penetrates deep into the tissue, providing radiant heat, opens up blood vessels, improves circulation throughout body, helps the body to eliminate toxins.

Acupressure: Stimulates pressure points along each side of the spine, helps reduce muscle tension, improves circulation, stimulates endorphins, which are natural pain relievers.

Migun Therapy combines massage and acupressure with far infrared heat, reaching up to 140F. This deep heat will start a detoxification process in your body that reqiures water to help flush out the toxins that have been trapped in your tissues. Adequate rehydration will help speed up the deification and healing process so be sure to drink plenty of water after your session.

Did vou know? Originally designed by a doctor for his wife, Migun Therapy is based on the idea of combining Eastern wellness concepts with Western technology.