We don't require you to pay upfront, however we do offer that option as well as paying online for your convenience. Gift cards are also available and make amazing gifts!

Green Room Services

**Please take note when booking:

• Green Room #1 has a Migun bed and PEMF mat that also contains healing crystals of tourmaline, amethyst and jade.

• Green Room #2 has a Migun bed, PEMF mat and our Chromotherapy Sauna.

The minimum booking time is 15 minutes for $20. Each additional minute is $1.20. Buy 100 minutes for $100, a $20 dollar value. Buy in bulk and save!

Green Room Remedies

•Genius Biofeedback -$79.99


•Acne & Wrinkle Treatment -$15

•Ear Coning -$20



  •Baseline Balance Scan - $150 - This is a 30 minute 

   introductory session. It includes a 15 minute 

   baseline scan and a 15 minute consultation to go over

   your results. 

  •Repeat Coherence Scan - $200 - This 45 minute 

   session is a 15 minute scan with a 30 minute session 

   to discuss your results and set future health goals.

 • 3 Scan Package - $450 - This is a package of 3

   scans for a 3 month protocol. You'll get one scan a 

   month and an opportunity to discuss your results

   for a total of 45 minutes each month. 

Your path to wellness starts here!