Infrared Sauna

What is Far Infrared? Have you ever stepped out in to the sunlight and felt the sun's warmth come over you? That lovely feeling is Far Infrared energy. The opposite, healing end of the electromagnetic spectrum from the harmful ultraviolet energy. Our eyes detect the middle portion otherwise known as the visible light spectrum, or white light. This breaks down even further in to individual colors, which is exactly what happens when water in the air acts as a prism and scatters the rays, creating a rainbow! Ultraviolet damage is what we call sunburn and over time, causes cancer by penetrating so deeply, it actually damages our DNA. But at the opposite end is Infrared. This is also the same energy that plants use to photosynthesize their own energy and we can use it too!

Technology has come a long way and has made it now so that we may absorb and receive the healing power of Far Infrared (FIR) without having to sit outside in the sun and also absorb the harmful ultraviolet rays. FIR Saunas provide warm, dry heat and far infrared rays to help you sweat out toxins, boost metabolism and lose fat, improve cardiovascular health, boost your immune system, enjoy a passive cardio workout, heal wounds and reduce scarring, slow down and reverse aging, improved workouts through faster muscle repair, relieve deep tissue aches and joint pains, improve rest and reduce stress. It can also help relieve the symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and other chronic ailments by reducing inflammation and improving over all well being and quality of life.

Different colors of light also have various affects on the body. For example, red light helps rejuvenate the skin and therefore helps with fine lines and wrinkles. Blue light has natural anti-microbial properties making it great for acne and is used by dermatologists and aestheticians the world over. Green is great for detoxifying the blood. Chromotherapy is also great for treating the winter blues, or seasonal dysphoric disorder. When the days are short come relax in our sauna for some healing light. Our sauna can provide many levels of chromotherapy, or colored light therapy. Or you may turn this feature off.

Did you know? As a natural body, you are constantly being bombarded by all forms of radiation from your environment. Your body absorbs these radiations and then emits them back out in to the environment. By using this energy in a controlled and trained way, people for centuries have been healing with the laying of hands, known today as Reiki. You can feel this energy in your own palms emitted as heat.